Sunday, October 19, 2008


Here is some useful information.

Mailing Address:

John Gahan, PCT
AZ 1000
Main P.O. Box 77
Peace Corps
Baku, Azerbaijan

This will be my mailing address until DECEMBER NINTH 2008.

Phone Number:

(051) 889-97-82

The country code for Azerbaijan is 994.


Jennifer Brooke-Davidson said...

Hey, John-

Got your message this morning - glad to hear all is well.

The WaterPark sounds like one of those strange dreams you have after the alarm goes up but before you realize you are late for work...

Can't wait to read more of your adventures. Stay well - you're in our prayers - JBD

löki gale said...


Great blog! I really like it when people use black backgrounds as it helps reduce energy output and therefore reduces the amount of energy it takes to illuminate the page. I am a big fan of Blackle (the energy saving version of Google) too.


-Vy said...

is this license to stalk you? bold, posting your number online like that! in case Loki hasn't mentioned it, Nov 22 is a good date for baku weekend shenanigans. The circus aka AZ5 is in town.